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Railroad Crossing Accidents

Every year, across our country's roughly 140,000 miles of railroad track, more than 2,000 rail grade crossing collisions occur due to inadequate warnings, malfunctioning or inadequately maintained crossings and guards, negligent train operations, and other safety violations.

Experience with Railroad Negligence

Like roadway accidents involving commercial trucks, any automobile accident involving a train often results in horrific outcomes. Determining who may be held liable can be a challenging process. Having attorneys experienced in railroad negligence is essential.

The Nash & Franciskato Law Firm in Kansas City offers you a distinct advantage. Having worked 15 years with two national railroad companies, attorney Dean Nash brings valuable experience in handling litigation involving train accidents and the safety of railroad crossings. Couple that with the legal team’s knowledge about the extensive regulations governing train operation and railroad crossing maintenance and you have the experienced legal team you need.

Investigating Railroad Crossing Train Accidents

When spearheading the investigation of a train-related accident, we need to determine precisely what happened at a railroad crossing. To do this, we examine all aspects of the crossing’s safety. That might include conditions such as:

  • Limited sight distances
  • Trees and excessive vegetation that can obscure a driver’s visibility
  • The lack of properly functioning signals
  • Inadequate safety systems at railroad crossings

In order to gather all relevant evidence in a railroad crossing accident, our investigators look at the:

  • Regulations governing train operation and railroad crossing maintenance
  • Information available from electronic tracking systems and cameras on many trains, which may reveal important data on the rate of speed, train crew fatigue or the failure to properly give a warning from the train

Railroad Crossing Accident Experts Help Build Your Case

Determining whether you have a valid personal injury or wrongful death case after a railroad crossing accident can be a complex endeavor. Oftentimes, these accidents require substantial factual investigation and expert testimony.

When we need experts to build your case, our nationally respected lawyers have access to an extensive network of key experts, including former high-level railroad employees and audiologists able to testify on sound levels and a driver’s ability to hear warnings or other sounds.

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