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Construction Work Zones

Construction work zones can be hazardous not just for those who drive through them, but also for those who build and repair our roadways, bridges and highways.

Construction Work Zone Negligence Takes Many Forms

Keeping a work zone safe is the responsibility of those managing the site. Construction work zone negligence leading to accidents might include:

  • Failing to remedy or warn of dangerous shoulder or pavement edge drop-offs that can cause loss of vehicle control
  • Debris littering the roadway making it hard to navigate through the work zone
  • Barrels or other barriers that have been moved back so they no longer warn drivers of areas to avoid
  • Failing to install or repair barriers separating lanes of traffic from dangerous construction areas
  • Not providing adequate warning signs to warn drivers of lane changes or other required information about the driving area
  • Failing to install barricades to prevent drivers from driving off the road and into a construction area

Safety of Workers in Construction Work Zones

Keeping a work zone safe for motorists is just one responsibility of those managing the site; keeping those doing the work safe is another.

Construction zone workers are just as likely to be struck by construction or maintenance related equipment (dump trucks, bulldozers, graders) as by cars, tractor-trailers, or other vehicles.

Construction Work Zone Attorneys Focus on Results

Any of these hazards can cause an accident. Fault may lie with the government entities who maintain our roads and highways. Or it may lie with the contractors that work on our roadways for failing to follow the rules or for an inappropriately designed highway. Or it may lie with your employer for not following OSHA regulations for maintaining a safe workplace.

Our goal is simple: helping you and your family put your lives back together. That means our lawyers are focused on obtaining a full financial recovery for you, looking at all possible sources of compensation.

Proven Results

Our lawyers have been successful with previous, significant suits against government authorities and construction companies, including:

  • $3 Million Award Against Highway Department and Contractors For Defective Construction Zone

More Case Results

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In construction work zone accidents, you want a Kansas City personal injury lawyer who is prepared to invest the resources needed to investigate your accident. Contact us for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case today.

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