Bedsores in Nursing Homes

Bedsores, typically one of the first signs of neglect in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities, result from unacceptable standards of care to our beloved elderly and others with mobility issues caused by age and other conditions.

What are bedsores?

Bedsores, also known as pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, are open wounds on your skin. They often occur on the skin covering bony areas and are commonly found on the tailbone, hips, back, ankles, heels, elbows, and buttocks.

These sores, caused by a lack of blood flow to an area of the skin resulting from prolonged pressure on one area of the body, can be caused by negligent care at nursing home and other assisted living facilities. They are one of the most dangerous forms of nursing home neglect.

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Case Results

$185,000 Settlement for elderly woman who suffered from bedsores and wounds that were left untreated, requiring her leg to be amputated.

Nursing Home Resident in wheelchair

Nursing Home residents who spend long periods in a wheelchair

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2% to 28% of nursing home residents suffer from bedsores.

Bedsores are common among:

  • The elderly and disabled
  • Those who spend long periods in bed or a wheelchair
  • Those who cannot move certain body parts without help

They are preventable if proper care is given by the care facility staff. However, if left untreated, these sores can cause infection, hospitalization and other life-threatening conditions.

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Nursing home neglect resulting in bedsores

Many families rely on the staff at nursing homes and other assisted care facilities to provide proper care to an elderly or disabled family member. Unfortunately, in some nursing homes, residents are neglected. When the staff fails to properly turn or re-position a resident, bedsores develop that could lead to severe and even life threatening conditions.

Bedsore diagram

Illustration of four stages of bedsores

Neglectful treatment that could contribute to the development of bedsores in nursing homes include:

  • Immobile residents being allowed to remain in the same position for extended periods of time
  • Allowing moisture to remain close to the skin (i.e., the result of not changing soiled adult diapers or wet bed sheets)
  • Failing to check residents regularly for signs of bedsores and failing to notify either the family or a physician if bedsores are found

In addition, a resident may also suffer from dehydration or malnutrition when he or she isn’t being turned or re-positioned.

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Nursing Home Bedsore Lawsuits

Bedsores, pressure sores, pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers can be extremely painful and sometimes even deadly. Most bedsores are avoidable with the proper care and treatment. The failure of the nursing home or assisted care facility to provide the proper standard of medical care in general just increases the risk of developing bedsores.

Remember, developing bedsores is never the fault of your loved one. Negligence by the nursing home staff is never acceptable. The cost for treating bedsores can be expensive. A bedsore lawsuit can compensate you and your loved one for injuries suffered.

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