Signs of Abuse & Neglect

Trusting the care of an aging loved one to another is an extremely hard decision. When that trust is broken by the very people who are supposed to be caring for him or her, it can lead to serious, life-threatening conditions.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

If you suspect the caregivers at the nursing home or assisted living facility are abusing your loved one, start taking notes about what you are seeing, when and what you are being told has happened.

Is Your Loved One Showing Signs of Abuse & Neglect? Let’s Talk.

At Nash & Franciskato Law Firm, our lawyers believe in treating our elderly with respect, care, and providing them the best quality of life in their golden years. Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Bruising. Skin on the elderly is more sensitive and fragile making it easy to bruise. Ask questions if you see finger-shaped or handprint-shaped bruises or bruises that could have been caused by a fall.
  • Falls. Know how the staff handles falls, the immediate care, follow-up care and how they communicate with you.
  • Bedsores. If your loved one is able to get up and around yet has bedsores, he or she is spending too much time in the same position.
  • Personal care. Make sure your loved one is well-groomed, appropriately dressed for the season and appears to be well-nourished.
  • Smells. There are the “normal” smells of a nursing facility; however, if it smells musty or reeks of urine then you might question how well the facility is being cleaned.


Is It Time to Take Legal Action?

Nursing home abuse

Is your loved one showing signs of abuse?

If your elderly loved one has been mistreated or suffered injuries because of nursing home abuse or neglect, put a stop to it immediately. The first step is to relocate him or her to a safer environment then seek legal guidance.

In the Kansas City area, the attorneys at Nash & Franciskato are experienced in recovering financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. We are your advocates and the voice for your elderly family member, fighting to stop his or her pain and suffering.

Our personal injury legal team gives you:

  • Over 80 years of combined experience
  • Trusted legal advisor committed to your needs
  • Super Lawyers for over 10 years
  • The AV Preeminence Rating for Ethical Standards & Legal Ability
  • Compassionate advocacy for you and your family

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