Responsible Parties in Truck Accidents

Determining fault in an 18-wheeler accident can be challenging. You might think it is solely the truck driver's responsibility but there actually may be multiple responsible parties depending on the circumstances of your accident.

Who May Be Held Responsible in a Truck Accident

In an accident involving a large commercial truck, there could be multiple parties who can be held responsible. This is a brief overview; liability will be determined based on the circumstances of your accident.

Truck Drivers are typically found at fault for negligent driving behavior such as:

The trucking company may be liable if they are found to:

  • Encourage drivers to engage in dangerous driving behaviors
  • Hire drivers without conducting background checks that could show any past history of unsafe driving, criminal acts or driving under the influence
  • Fail to inspect and/or maintain their semi-trucks

Truck manufacturers may be liable when:

  • Truck components are defective, such as tires, brakes, hydraulics and more

Establishing Fault in Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents tend to be more complicated than an accident between two passenger vehicles and it is good to have an experienced truck accident attorney who can sort through the questions of causation and responsibility, and handle insurance disputes.

In the Kansas City area, the truck accident attorneys at Nash & Franciskato have the resources needed to fully investigate your truck accident.

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In the Kansas City area and across Missouri, when you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, you need a trusted and experienced resource who will fight for your rights. Contact the truck accident attorneys at Nash & Franciskato for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case.

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