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Preventing Dog Bites

One of the major reasons why dogs bite is that people, especially children, don't know how to read a dog's body language or know the proper way to respond. Since there is no guarantee that a pet's owner has trained or socialized his or her dog, education is essential to preventing dog bites.

Safety Rules to Prevent Dog Bites

Teach kids to:

  • Stay out of a dog’s personal space, especially when the dog is eating or sleeping
  • Avoid putting his or her face close to a dog’s face; that means no hugging or kissing
  • Never approach a strange dog without the owner’s permission and always get permission before petting any dog
  • Never reach through a fence or car window to pet a dog, even if you know the dog
  • Leave dogs alone when they have puppies
  • Never scream at or run from a dog as this can scare or upset it
  • Always let a dog sniff you before you pet it
  • When touching a dog, gently stroke its side or back; do not pat it on the head or tail
  • Make sure a dog knows when you are approaching so that you do not startle or scare it
  • Never distract a service dog, he is doing an important job for his handler and should not be touched
  • Treat dogs and other animals with respect

Recognize when a dog may be showing signs of fear or anxiety

preventing dog bites_warning signsSupervise all interactions between dogs and children and be sure that both adult and child know the dog signs that indicate fear or anxiety. Should you see any of these signs, stop interactions between the child and the dog immediately.

  • Growling, snarling or barking
  • Nose pulled back and wrinkled
  • Lips drawn back
  • Teeth bared
  • Hair sticking up along its back
  • Ears laid back
  • Body appears tense and rigid

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