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Construction Job site Accidents

Construction Job Site Accidents

Construction job sites are dangerous places to work. In 2017, 20.7% of worker fatalities were in construction. The leading causes, also known as the ‘fatal four’, were falls, struck by object, electrocution and caught-in/between and were responsible for more than half of the construction worker deaths that year.

Many of the accidents on a construction job site are due to negligence, unsafe worksite practices, improper use of tools and equipment, and lack of protective safeguards.

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Cell Phone Tower Accidents

cell phone tower workers

The growth of the cell phone industry means the need for more cell tower installations, along with frequent upgrades and repairs to more than 280,000 cell towers across the country.

Tower climbers build, maintain and repair the towers – replacing cables, antennas and other network gear, inspecting and ensuring everything is working properly. To do this, they scale towers up to 500 feet, sometimes more, in height.

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Workman’s Compensation or Personal Injury Claim?

Workman's Comp or Personal Injury

Accidents and injuries happen all the time. What happens if you injure yourself while on the job? What are your options? Who takes care of your medical expenses?  How do you know if you should file a workman’s compensation claim or pursue a personal injury claim?

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Poor Road Design & Maintenance Can Lead to Accidents

poor road design maintenance

As a driver, you trust that the roads you drive on day in and day out have been designed and are maintained for your safe passage. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Cars skid, slide, run off the road down embankments, collide with other vehicles and more.

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Concussion-Sensing Football Helmets

concussion sensing football helmets

Football is a popular but dangerous sport. Players suffer many different types of injuries, from minor sprains to broken bones and more serious conditions including concussions and football-related traumatic brain injuries. Player safety is a major concern at all levels of the game, from high school to college to professional leagues.

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Dangerous Highway Defects Can Cause Accidents

Highway Defects, Potholes

Car accidents are caused by many things: poor driving behavior and habits, defective parts, improperly loaded large commercial trucks, alcohol impairment, night driving and the list goes on. The road you’re driving on could also be the reason. Dangerous road conditions contribute to thousands of car accidents every year.

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How to Share the Road with Motorcycles

Sharing road with motorcycles

Summer and early fall are some of the best times of the year to rev up your motorcycle and hit the open road. But with those great riding temperatures, comes an increase in road congestion and a greater number of accidents for both four and two-wheeled vehicles.

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Jury Awards $7.68M in Zimmer Damages-Only Trial

Zimmer Durom Cup Retrial

In 2015, Gary Kline took Zimmer to court over its Durom Cup metal-on-metal hip implant. The jury found Zimmer liable for his health issues; however, the damages awarded were overturned on appeal. The trial court, in a decision upheld on appeal in 2018, ordered a new trial leading to a damages-only retrial.

The jury, asked to rule strictly on damages, unanimously awarded $7.68 million to Kline: $80,460.19 in past economic losses; $3.6M in past non-economic losses; and $4M in future non-economic losses.

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How Many Teen Passengers is Too Many?

Teen Drivers with Passengers

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of teen crashes and cell phone use is a major contributor. However, another distracted driving behavior leading to teen car accidents is passenger interaction. Studies show that a teen’s chances of getting into an accident increase with each additional teenage passenger in the car.

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FDA Approves Boxed Warning on Xeljanz (Tofacitinib)

Xeljanz FDA Warning

The US Food and Drug Administration approved new warnings about an increased risk of blood clots and of death with the 10 mg twice daily dose of tofacitinib (Xeljanz, Xeljanz XR), which is used in patients with ulcerative colitis.

This new warning, issued July 26, 2019, comes just a few months after the first warning issued February 25, 2019.

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