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Knee Replacement

Periprosthetic Fractures Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

Periprosthetic fractures

A serious complication following a total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a periprosthetic fracture. This involves the distal femur, proximal tibia or the patella, occurring more often in the supracondylar area of the distal femur.

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DePuy Attune© Knee Replacement Failure FAQs

Attune Knee Replacement FAQ

Knee replacement surgery (also known as arthroplasty) is a common orthopedic procedure used to relieve pain, give back mobility and return you to normal activities.

In a total knee replacement, the damaged surfaces of the knee joint are removed and replaced by a prosthetic implant made of metal, plastic or a combination.

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First DePuy Attune© Knee Implant Lawsuit Filed

Attune Lawsuit

In August, we updated you about failures that were occurring with the DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Implant. One of the most common issues was loosening of the tibial plate.

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DePuy Synthes Attune© Knee: High Rate of Early Failure

Knee Replacement xray

The DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Implant System was designed to improve stability and range of motion in patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery. However, the device has been linked to numerous reports of tibial component loosening leading to debilitating complications.

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Debilitating Problems with DePuy Synthes Attune© Knee Implant System

Total knee replacement

An estimated 4.4 million Americans are living with artificial knee implants reports Consumer Safety Watch. For about 90% who have a total knee replacement, it is a very successful surgery “relieving the pain, enabling patients to return to work and improving quality of life. However, for some, the procedure is not quite so successful.

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