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Injured in a Car Accident as a Passenger?

Injured Passenger in Car Accident

We always talk about the driver of the vehicles involved in auto accidents. What about the passengers? Most vehicles are passenger occupant vehicles – cars, minivans, SUVs. Injuries are not limited to the driver of the vehicle. What should a passenger do to obtain compensation for his or her injuries?

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Personal Injury FAQs: Covering the Basics

Persona Injury FAQs

What is a personal injury? Why might you need a personal injury attorney? These and other commonly asked questions will give you an idea of what to expect in a personal injury case. A quick caveat: know that each person’s situation is different; use these FAQs as a general guide.

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When Enough is Enough at the Bar

Visibly Intoxicated person at Bar

Getting together with friends, co-workers and family at a restaurant, bar or tavern can be fun, especially during the holidays or other special times. What may not be so fun is when someone drinks too much, thus becoming visibly intoxicated.

This can be an awkward situation for not only the inebriated person and their party but for the bartender as well.

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Be a Responsible Driver This Holiday Season.

responsible driver

December is a festive time with many holidays where people engage in drinking alcohol.  It makes it a good time for alcohol awareness campaigns such as “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving,” and National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

No matter the name of the campaign, the bottom line is that drinking alcohol and driving do not mix. Alcohol use impairs judgment, delays reaction times, and can result in deadly consequences.

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Choosing Safe Toys: The Right Toys at the Right Age

Choosing Safe toys

The holidays are almost upon us and, like many, you may have in hand one or more children’s wish lists. But before you start buying gifts, check those lists to know whether what they want is safe and age-appropriate.

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Avoiding Common Winter Injuries

Snow Shoveling Winter Injuries

Winter is here. Time to enjoy the season and keep those winter injuries to a minimum. The more you know, the better prepared you will be.

The most common winter accidents that lead to injury include:

  • Slips and falls on ice
  • Muscle strains from shoveling snow
  • Accidents while playing winter sports

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Railroad Crossing Risks and Driver Safety Tips

Railroad Crossing Risks

More than 2,200 rail grade crossing collisions occurred across our country’s approximately 140,000 miles of railroad track in 2018.

And, in 2018 alone:

  • 270 people were killed at railroad crossings. Over the five years of 2014-2018, there were 798 fatalities involving motor vehicles at railroad crossings.
  • 99 people were killed because a driver went around a lowered gate, marking a 10-year high.

According to Operation Lifesaver, a driver or passenger is about 20 times more likely to die in a collision with a train than in a collision with another vehicle.

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Two Winter Driving Hazards to Watch Out For

Winter Driving hazards

Roughly, ¼ of auto accidents are caused by adverse weather.

The USDOT Federal Highway Administration data lists an average of 1,836 deaths and 136,309 injuries per year due to snowy and icy roads. These figures represent the 10 year average between 2005 and 2014.

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Texting and Driving Statistics Show Distracted Driving Risks

Texting while driving statistic

Smartphones allow us to be connected all the time no matter where we are, including behind the wheel of a vehicle. This means that far too many drivers have the potential of driving distracted, and the statistics paint an alarming picture, too, with cell phone usage accounting for 14% of fatal driver distracted crashes in 2017.

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Five Risks for Teen Drivers

Teen Driver risks

Five of the greatest dangers for teen drivers to contend with are: driving impaired, not using a seat belt, distracted driving, speeding and driving with passengers in the vehicle. What do you see wrong in the picture above?

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