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Industrial Accidents

Cell Phone Tower Accidents

cell phone tower workers

The growth of the cell phone industry means the need for more cell tower installations, along with frequent upgrades and repairs to more than 280,000 cell towers across the country.

Tower climbers build, maintain and repair the towers – replacing cables, antennas and other network gear, inspecting and ensuring everything is working properly. To do this, they scale towers up to 500 feet, sometimes more, in height.

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High-Pressure Valve Dangers on the Job

High pressure valve

Industrial workers face significant hazards on the job, making their day-to-day work dangerous. Industrial jobs typically involve more manual labor, working with many types of machinery including heavy machinery and working outdoors.

Safety is a priority in these work environments; however, even when employees follow safety rules, accidents occur. One such industrial accident involves the failure of high-pressure valves.

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