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Trucking Accidents

Who Can Be Held Responsible in Missouri Drunk Driving Accidents

Responsible parties drunk driving accident

Have you been involved in a car or truck accident involving another driver who has been drinking? It seems logical that the one who should be compensating you for those skyrocketing medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering would be the inebriated driver.

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Adverse Weather, Truck Drivers and the Law

Truck Drivers and Adverse Weather

Weather can be very unpredictable, especially in the state of Missouri. One day, it is sunny, warm and dry. The next, it might be rainy, foggy and cold. Our summers are hot and humid, while our winters can be bitterly cold.

Large commercial truck drivers must be aware of the weather conditions they are driving in, keeping public safety in mind.

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Amazon Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial Vehicle

The increasing demand for immediate delivery means there is also an increase in the number of delivery trucks on the road. UPS, Federal Express, DHL and now Amazon Prime. In fact, Amazon now has its own shipping and delivery division, rivaling Federal Express and UPS in terms of size and volume of delivering.

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Trucks on our Kansas City Roadways

types of large trucks

Some of the most serious accidents on our Kansas City roadways – on any roadway – involve large trucks. Accidents involving large commercial trucks and a passenger vehicle often result in serious injuries, sometimes even fatalities.

We want you to be aware as you share the road with large trucks to help you stay safer on the road.

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Common Types of Large Truck Accidents

Types of Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks carry goods from one place to another; they are essential to our communities’ economy. They also make up approximately 13% of all motor vehicles on our roadways. Accidents happen and, like automobile accidents, there are many types of accidents involving large commercial trucks.

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Accidents Involving Grocery Delivery Drivers

Grocery Delivery Driver Accidents

The popularity of having groceries delivered has grown tremendously. Instacart, Shipt, Peapod and many others make it easy to buy from Aldi’s, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Sprouts and more. The appeal: contactless delivery, social distancing, and avoiding long check-out lines and crowded stores. It is, however, a popular convenience that means more delivery drivers on our Kansas City roads.

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Watch Out for that Delivery Truck

Delivery Truck

Online shopping has become a way of life. Delivery of goods, which now includes groceries, fast food, prescriptions and more, saves us from risking possible COVID-19 exposure. The delivery truck experience is contactless, convenient and allows us to social distance.

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Types of Injuries Suffered in SemiTruck Accidents

Injuries from Semitrucks

An accident involving a large commercial truck is often more devastating than one involving a passenger vehicle.

Large commercial trucks weigh, on average, 80,000 pounds, whereas an average four-door passenger vehicle is around 3 to 4,000 pounds. When these two types of vehicles collide, it typically results in a wide variety of injuries, many of which are quite severe.

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Stay Safe on the Road with Big Rigs

Safe on the road with Big Trucks

Did you know, approximately, 5,000 people in passenger vehicles die every year in automotive accidents involving semi-trucks? An accident with a large commercial truck can be devastating. Unfortunately, many drivers do not understand how to safely maneuver around large trucks.

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Is Your Mental Health Healthy after a Car or Truck Accident?

Mental Health after Car Accident

After a serious truck or car accident, you may focus on the physical injuries. You can see them; others can see them. It is obvious that you have been hurt in the accident.

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