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Can You Prove Distracted Driving Caused an Accident?

Distracted Driving Causes Accidents

When we talk about distracted driving, most will think of using a mobile device – talking, texting, emailing – but there are many activities that can distract a driver and lead to a serious accident.

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New Missouri Motorcycle Helmet Law

New Motorcycle Helmet Law

Did you know that Missouri has eased its motorcycle helmet law?

The new helmet law, which took effect on August 28, 2020, now only requires those under the age of 26, or older than 26 if driving with a permit, to wear a helmet when riding in or driving a motorcycle.

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Highway Guardrail Accidents

Highway guardrail accidents

Highway guardrails are an important safety feature on our roadways. When designed correctly, they help reduce the impact of car accidents. They:

  • give a layer of protection to cars that skid, slide or drift off onto the shoulder.
  • keep cars from crashing or running off down a steep embankment or drop-off.
  • Provide barriers to keep drivers from running into trees, bridge pilings, retaining walls, and other fixed objects.

While guardrails are meant to protect vehicles and their passengers, and lessen the severity of a crash, there are circumstances when they do not.

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Drunk Driving Accidents in Missouri

Drunk Driving accident

Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes. That’s one person every 50 minutes. In 2018, there were 10,511 deaths from drunk-driving crashes.

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Dangers of Fatigued Driving

Fatigued Driving

  • 100,000 police reported crashes and over 1,500 deaths are the result of drowsy driving each year. (NHTSA)
  • More than 40% of drivers admitted they have fallen asleep behind the wheel. (AAA)
  • In 2017, 50,000 people were injured in drowsy driving accidents and 795 of those were killed because of drowsy driving. (NHTSA)

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Road Rage Impairs Driver’s Ability to Focus on Safe Driving

Road Rage driver

Have you ever been driving on a two-lane road, come up behind a car that is going at a slow speed and you are not able to pass? Maybe someone is driving erratically or an accident on the road has caused you unavoidable delays. These can be maddening situations. You might yell, honk the horn, or beat on the steering wheel to vent. Others may escalate to road rage.

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When Inadequate Security Results in Injuries

Inadequate Security in mall

Can you hold a business owner liable if you are injured on their premises because they failed to provide appropriate security measures?

It is possible and would usually be considered a premises liability claim. Under premises liability, business owners must provide reasonably safe conditions for visitors.

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Driving: Are You Out of Practice?

Out of practice driving

Have you taken a break from driving? Maybe its coronavirus-related. Or, it could be due to a medical condition, age, or many other factors. Suffice it to say, a break has been taken, but now it is time to get back on the road.

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Accidents Involving Grocery Delivery Drivers

Grocery Delivery Driver Accidents

The popularity of having groceries delivered has grown tremendously. Instacart, Shipt, Peapod and many others make it easy to buy from Aldi’s, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Sprouts and more. The appeal: contactless delivery, social distancing, and avoiding long check-out lines and crowded stores. It is, however, a popular convenience that means more delivery drivers on our Kansas City roads.

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Watch Out for that Delivery Truck

Delivery Truck

Online shopping has become a way of life. Delivery of goods, which now includes groceries, fast food, prescriptions and more, saves us from risking possible COVID-19 exposure. The delivery truck experience is contactless, convenient and allows us to social distance.

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