Tractor-Trailer Sideswipes Bus on I-70 in Blue Springs

Kansas City Tractor Trailer Accident

If you were on I-70 near the Adams Dairy Parkway exit in Blue Springs, MO, this morning, you may have gotten stuck in heavy traffic after a tractor-trailer sideswiped a charter bus.

Here’s a brief summary of the accident.

Tractor trailer accident Kansas City MOThe bus had pulled over on the shoulder of the road due to a flat tire. A tractor-trailer veered out of its lane and ended up sideswiping the bus, pushing it part way down the bank of the interstate.

Witnesses reported seeing the tractor-trailer swerving prior to impact.

The impact tore open a long gash on the side of the trailer that hit the bus; however, about half of the bus’s left side was torn away. The Kansas City Star reported, “Emergency workers cut open part of the left side of the bus to remove one passenger, and they cut a hole in the right side to remove a woman.”

Injuries ranged from minor to serious with one person in critical condition and another in serious condition.

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Accident Caused by Distracted Driving

According to Sgt. Collin Stosberg with the Missouri Highway Patrol, inattention is the leading cause of crashes.

Distracted, or inattentive, driving can cause serious damage and serious injuries as witnessed by this tractor-trailer accident. It affects drivers of cars, trucks, motorcycles and large commercial trucks. When it involves a tractor-trailer, that generally means extensive damage and serious injuries, sometimes even fatalities.

Distracted driving is any activity that takes your attention away from driving. In this case, the Missouri Highway Patrol reported that the “tractor-trailer driver told them that he had put a piece of gum in his mouth when he started to choke on the gum and reached for some water before the crash.”

When you pay attention to a second activity while driving, you are less observant and sometimes unable to control the vehicle in a safe manner. That can result in driving at an inconsistent speed, not controlling the distance to the car in front of you, driving erratically, swerving in your lane — hitting a vehicle that may be parked on the shoulder of the road.

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