Lawsuit Claims Biomet Misleading Patients/Surgeons with Inaccurate Information

Biomet Magnum Lawsuit

November 23, 2018. Recent news about Biomet’s Magnum hip replacement:  three California residents filed a lawsuit against Biomet Orthopaedics claiming:

  • Biomet sold defective Magnum metal-on-metal devices to these patients
  • Biomet has posted false and misleading data on its website as a way to reassure patients and surgeons that there is nothing wrong with the device

The lawsuits allege that these patients experienced heavy metal poisoning that destroyed muscle, tissue and bone.

Patients Suffer Metal Poisoning from Magnum Hip

Denise Derosa had two Biomet Magnum hip replacements implanted in 2007. Due to these implants, she experienced metal poisoning, which destroyed the muscle ligaments and bone around her hip joint. The damage has been so extensive that revision surgeries to remove the implants have not been successful. Instead, she suffers from frequent dislocation of the hips from their sockets and painful surgical procedures to put the hip sockets back in place.

The second patient, Robert Greenlee, had two Biomet Magnum hip replacements in 2008. He, too, suffered heavy metal poisoning as extreme levels of cobalt and chromium metals were released into his bloodstream. Greenlee needs to go through revision surgeries, a painful process, to remove and replace both Biomet Magnum hips.

The third patient, John Woods, had the Biomet Magnum hip replacement implanted in 2011. After only seven years, Woods underwent hip surgery to replace the Magnum hips. Woods experienced heavy metal poisoning from the metal-on-metal hips that led to severe medical problems including dead tissue, necrotic muscle and dead bone in and around the hip joint.

This case has been filed in Sacrament: Derosa vs. Biomet, Inc., Case Number: 34-2018-00244214.

Biomet: Inaccurate and Outdated Information

According to the complaint, Biomet has posted false information on its website about the safety of Magnum metal-on-metal hip implants.

In the form of a letter to surgeons and posted online in 2012, it contains tables showing how well the Magnum hip replacement has performed compared to other devices.

Since this “letter” was posted in 2012, the Australian Joint Registry and the England and Wales Joint Registry have uncovered much higher than normal revision rates for the Biomet Magnum hips. Australia basically recalled the device with the release of an official Hazard Alert in 2015.

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