Cobalt Chromium Poisoning

Even if you don't have ANY symptoms or problems with your metal on metal hip implant, you should be aware of metal poisoning from your hip replacement. Your doctor may advise you to get a blood test to check for metal poisoning. That's because patients with metal on metal hip implants are showing elevated levels of cobalt and chromium metal ions in their blood. It's called metal toxicity and in high enough levels, it can cause serious medical complications.

metal toxicity cobalt chromiumWhat Causes Metal Toxicity?

Most likely the cause is from the friction and rubbing together of the two metal surfaces of your hip implant. Small dust-like particles of the metals sheer off and spread through your body via your bloodstream. During revision surgery, doctors are finding dark discolored fluid and dead tissue in the body’s joint area surrounding the metal on metal hip. All patients with recalled metal on metal hip replacements should be evaluated for the level of serum cobalt and chromium in their system.

What are Considered High Levels of Cobalt and Chromium?

DePuy Orthopedics, Inc. has released a report stating that concentrations greater than 7 parts per billion of cobalt and/or chromium are of concern. If either is the case, you should get another blood test within three months of the first one. If the second blood test shows a concentration of cobalt and chromium still above 7 parts per billion, your doctor will likely recommend a MARS MRI and/or ultrasound and more testing.

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