First US Trial Against Biomet Over M2a Hip Replacements

Hip Replacement Trial gavel and scales of justice

Update on the Biomet M2a metal-on-metal hip replacement litigation.

September 2018 will bring the first trial against Biomet Orthopedics over its M2a-38 and M2a-Magnum hips in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Nash & Franciskato is co-counsel with Maglio Christopher & Toale in Sarasota, Florida on this case.

The injured patients represented suffered from severe pseudotumors as well as tissue and muscle death from their Biomet M2a hip implants. Surgeons for all three victims had to remove the defective Biomet M2a hip replacements, surgically cut out the pseudotumors, and dead tissue, and then put in a different type of hip implant.

A pseudotumor is a non-cancerous soft tissue growth that occurs when metal particles from a metal-on-metal hip implant irritate tissue in the hip. They can grow for many years undetected; however, these growths can cause severe pain and inflammation requiring a revision surgery to correct the problem.

In addition to pseudotumors, since being introduced in 2001, there have been reports of patients developing complications from heavy metal poisoning, tissue death, bone loss, heart problems, vision loss and death.

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No Adequate Warning in the U.S.

The manufacturer of the device voluntarily issued a field safety corrective action notice warning European surgeons of problems with the device. The notice warned of a higher than expected revision rate based on data collected by the National Joint Registry for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • In 2016, warning letters were sent to European surgeons from the company admitting higher than expected failure rates for the implant.
  • In 2015, the company issued a Hazard Alert for higher than expected failure rates in Australia.
  • In 2011, Biomet stopped all sales of the devices in Australia.

Even though there are thousands of patients in the U.S. with the same device, no such warnings have been issued.

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