Who are Medical Expert Witnesses?

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In order to prove your case, your legal team may need to retain medical expert witnesses who can testify to certain facts and give their expert opinion such as in personal injury cases. One category of experts commonly used in personal injury cases is medical expert witnesses.

The Medical Expert Witness

In laymen’s terms, medical experts explain technical information to the judge and jury as well as to you and your legal team in “plain English,” using terms that everyone will understand.

They are considered objective parties, someone who will provide unbiased testimony and not be impacted either way by the outcome of the case.

Experts, in general, are often given greater consideration because of their objective testimony, skill and experience.

Medical experts may be used to testify about your specific injuries, your progress, recovery options and treatment, how your injuries affect your quality of life, whether it is temporary or permanent and more. They might explain things such as:

  • the impact an injury will have on an individual’s health, his or her ability to recover and long-term treatment options
  • why a more extensive form of treatment was necessary
  • the treatment process and any surgical procedures


Examples of Medical Experts

Medical experts will review medical records and conduct an independent exam of the injured patient’s condition. Their testimony may include the extent of your specific injuries, the diagnosis, long-term prognosis as well as permanency and severity of the injuries, the need for ongoing/specialized care, and how the outcome could impact your livelihood. This generally includes one or more of your treating doctors.

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The type of medical experts retained will depend on your situation.

If the accident has had a lasting emotional impact, a mental health expert can testify about your psychological condition, such as whether you are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression. This expert can explain how conditions such as these can impact one’s ability to function normally on a day-to-day basis or even enjoy life.

When your injuries involve chronic pain, you may need an expert in pain management to testify about the extent of the pain suffered, treatment options to reduce/relieve and manage the pain, how it affects your quality of life and even how much future treatments may cost.

If your injuries involved the brain, spinal cord and nerves, a neurologist may be needed to provide testimony on issues relating to things such as herniated discs, partial or total paralysis, concussions, PTSD and more. Neurologists can explain your level of disability and your ongoing treatment plan.

Plastic surgeons may be needed if you suffered permanent scarring. They can talk to the nature of the scarring, the need for surgery to lessen the appearance or whether any revision surgery will be required.

Orthopedic surgeons are another common type of expert used in personal injury cases. They can talk the judge and jury through complicated medical information, surgical procedures, recovery and rehabilitation and your level of disability.

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Expert Witness Overview

Your attorney must prove your injuries were caused by the negligence of another. Expert witnesses can help prove that claim. Your attorney will determine what types of experts will be needed to support your case.

Experts are those who possess special experience, training, knowledge, skill, and/or education that extends beyond the experience of those in the general public.

  • Expert witnesses are retained witnesses because they were hired to be part of your case
  • Their testimony may be used to supply and/or prove facts or clarity on contested issues.

Expert witnesses are typically categorized as either consulting or testifying.

  • Consulting experts do not actually testify in open court; however, they can be critical because they can help advise and guide your legal team on technical and complex issues.
  • Testifying experts will provide testimony in open court (in front of the judge and jury). Expertise in their area along with being a skilled and effective communicator is required.


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