Tips to Help You Avoid a Car Accident

Tips for Avoiding an Accident

We always talk about what happens once you get in a car accident. Here are some driving tips to help you drive more defensively, avoid a car accident and keep you and your passengers a little safer while on the road. Use them and you are likely to be a safer driver!

Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

Always stop, look, listen before pulling into traffic and as you drive. This will help you make safe lane changes and proper turns, avoid potholes and other hazards, and more.

Avoid driving distracted. This means driving while doing any other activity that takes your attention off the road. That includes things such as drinking a soda, adjusting the dials on the dashboard, and using your phone. As you probably know, texting is considered one of the worst distractions so the best practice is to turn off your phone and store it somewhere where you cannot reach it.

In 2021, distracted driving claimed 3,522 lives.

driving tips car accident defensive drivingWatch out for red light runners. When the light turns green, a good practice is to count to at least three before moving and entering the intersection. You do not want to get hit by someone trying to speed through a yellow light.

Look backwards when backing out – this goes for anytime you are backing out, including your driveway as well as parking lots.

Keep your eyes open when in parking lots. Pedestrians pop out unexpectedly from between cars, car doors swing open, shopping carts roll out in front of you, and cars may back into you.

Limit the number of passengers in your car, especially if the driver is a teenager.

Do not drive while fatigued, drowsy or under the influence. Pull over – to the side of the road, a rest stop, or a hotel along your drive. Do the smart thing and designate a driver or call a car service or friend if you are impaired.

avoid a car accident drive more defensively safer while on the road safer driverDrive at the posted limits, no speeding. Speed limit signs are there to let you know the safest speed to travel on that particular road.

In 2021, speeding killed 12,330 people.

No tailgating. It can take as long as a football field to come to a complete stop when driving at 55 mph. You can easily rear-end the car in front of you should he or she need to break suddenly. Instead, stay two seconds behind the car in front of you at all times or put one car length between you and the car ahead of you for every 10 miles of the speed limit.

Ensure your car is serviced on a regular basis. This can help you avoid things such as sudden stalls, vehicle failures and tire blowouts when you least expect it.

Be a Safer Driver

  • As always, wear your seat belt.
  • Consider taking a defensive driving course. These teach you safe driving techniques that can help you in an emergency, be able to handle inclement weather, roadway obstacles and more.
  • Always be aware of other drivers, ahead of you, behind you and beside you.

We hope these tips help you be safer on the road and avoid an accident.



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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published September 23, 2020. It was reviewed on September 25, 2023 and updated for content and accuracy.

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