Premature Failure of Exactech Connexion GXL Hip Implant Liner

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The Exactech hip implant liner (the Connexion GXL) is prone to premature failure, which puts some patients at a higher risk of complications and revision surgery. Exactech’s Connexion GXL hip implant liner was approved for use in primary and revision hip replacement surgeries.


Exactech Hip Implant Liner

An acetabular liner is just one component of many in a total hip replacement system. In this procedure, damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with prosthetic parts (i.e., a ball and socket). A liner is used between the prosthetic ball and socket so that it may move smoothly and freely.

Exactech manufactures acetabular polyethylene hip liner components. The GXL hip implant liner is used in certain hip replacement surgeries for joint-degrading conditions such as osteoarthritis or trauma-related hip problems.

With thousands of people undergoing hip replacement surgeries every year for these conditions and more, there are a number of patients who have received Exactech Connexion GXL liners. However, studies suggest these devices deteriorate faster than expected leading to complications and/or revision surgery in recipients.

Premature Failure Complications

Premature wear of a polyethylene liner can cause serious damage to a person’s hip joint and has led to complications such as osteolysis, component loosening, tissue damage, poor mobility and other serious complications.

  • Two studies reported concerns that the product was prone to early failure, which occurred an average of five years following the surgery and, in some cases, less than a year after being implanted.

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Research study

According to a study in The Journal of Arthroplasty (May 5, 2020):

  • 12 patients were identified with nine undergoing revision surgery
  • All demonstrated radiographic osteolysis at the time of revision surgery
  • Average time to diagnosis of failure was 55.9 months
  • The Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience database (MAUDE) revealed 22 reported cases of wear-related failure from 2009 to 2019.
  • Conclusion, with no identifiable risk factors related to patient demographics or implant position, the Exactech Connexion GXL liner may be prone to a high rate of early failure from wear and severe secondary osteolysis.

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Implants failing prematurely can lead to additional complications or even a premature revision or corrective surgery.  In some cases, these liners have failed more quickly than expected due to liner wear.

Hip-related Injuries That May Have Used the Exactech Hip Implant Liner

The type of conditions where the Exactech Connexion GXL Hip Implant Liners may have been used include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Congenital hip dysplasia
  • Bone damage from trauma or disease
  • Osteonecrosis

A number of recipients may have been injured by the Exactech product. And, with the research suggesting the liners prematurely failed, defective medical device lawyers are investigating potential Exactech claims.


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Consult an attorney who knows defective medical products.

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