Personal Injury Claim Documents You May Need

personal injury claim personal injury claims documents

A personal injury claim can require many different types of documents. Of course, what will be needed is based on the details of your specific accident or injuries, but this will help you understand what documents your attorney might need or may ask you for.


accident personal injury claim documents

Police Reports. Law enforcement officers that respond to the scene of an accident collect the evidence that is available at the scene and gather witness information. Depending upon the number of officers that respond or whether other agencies respond (i.e., fire department), there could be more than one police report. Sometimes, these reports can lead to other evidence that may need to be gathered.

911 Dispatch Calls. 9-1-1 is used to alert authorities that an accident has occurred, providing details and a description of the accident. Recordings and transcripts of the calls can be used in court to show the emotion and words of the caller, who may make statements about his/her involvement (or fault).

Witness Statements. Witnesses are typically people who aren’t involved in the accident and/or connected to either driver involved. As such, these sworn statements tend to be unbiased and independent. They detail what each witness saw and heard. Taking statements as soon after the accident as possible enables you to capture details before they are forgotten and these details can help experts and reconstructionists determine how the accident occurred.

witness statements injuries police report insurance

Expert Witness reports. Expert witnesses may be used to tell a jury how the accident happened (such as a reconstructionist), describe your injuries or other aspects of the accident. Typically, they will provide a report of their findings that may be used in your claim.

Photos/Video. You want to capture photos or video of anything related to the accident – cars or other vehicles involved, the location, skid marks, debris on the road and more. Pictures of your injuries at the time of the accident and as you heal document their severity. In addition, your lawyer may want to see what cameras may be located in the area that may have captured the accident.

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Past Violations/Accidents/Safety Concerns. If your accident occurred at a business or workplace, other incident reports may exist. In a car accident, this might entail service/maintenance records of the vehicle. In a product liability claim, knowing about safety concerns or other accidents may help show the dangers of a product.

Insurance information. This includes documentation of your own insurance information (your provider and policy information) as well as the insurance information of anyone involved in the accident. You also want to provide copies of any correspondence received from insurance companies to your attorney.

Credible witnesses can help your case.Victim Statement. A written record of all the details you can remember can be critical to your case.

Your Work Information. Your attorney will need documentation of your work history and pay information (pay stubs, W-2s, bonus reports, etc.) in order for you to be compensated for lost wages and lost earning capacity.

Treatment Log. Document your injuries and your treatment plan in a journal or log. This might include your medical and therapy appointments and what was accomplished, how you feel or how you are progressing.

Medical/Other Bills. You will need copies of any bill along with insurance explanation of benefits you receive due to the accident and your injuries. Other bills and expenses may be incurred due to your injuries, for instance, needing a sitter for your children while you go to medical appointments.

Medical Reports. This would include any reports that pertain to your injuries while under a doctor’s care, such as emergency room records, doctor appointment records, lab reports, x-rays, rehabilitation, etc.


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