Medical Evidence in Personal Injury Claims

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In a personal injury claim, evidence comes in many forms, from police reports to witness statements, physical evidence, medical evidence and more. Having the proper medical evidence is key in proving your injuries, the cause and severity and includes every medical correspondence generated — from your initial doctor’s visit to your final treatment.

What Medical Evidence Will be Needed?

The medical evidence, or documentation, for your personal injury claim will depend on the specifics of your situation; however, it is liable to be some combination of the following:

Medical Records includes any reports that pertain to your injuries while under a doctor’s care, such as in an emergency room, at a doctor’s appointment, having x-rays/lab work done, rehabilitation and more. These documents show your injuries, the cause and severity and prove the harm done to you to help justify the compensation you are seeking.

medical evidence medical documentation proving your injuries cause and severity doctor's visit, diagnosis

Medical records and medical bills will be needed for your personal injury claim.

Examples of specific documentation include:

  • doctors’ diagnoses
  • detailed notes from doctor’s appointment
  • surgeon’s or therapist’s notes
  • therapy plans

You will want to gather anything and everything that relates to your case. Be sure you have comprehensive medical records from every medical professional involved. For example, if you had x-rays done, you will want records from both your doctor and your radiologist. Do not assume that your physician will provide you with records from the radiologist.

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Medical Bills document the charges incurred from injuries resulting from the accident. You will need all bills for every service used in your treatment and a line by line breakdown that provides a cost for each service/treatment.

Examples include:

  • surgery costs
  • ambulance fees
  • blood work or scans
  • doctor appointments
  • physical rehabilitation
  • diagnostic imaging, such as x-rays or CT scans

Out-of-pocket Expenses are related to your injury and include things such as medicine, medical supplies, healthcare services and requests for medical records.

Treatment Logs document your injuries and your treatment plan and include your medical and therapy appointments, what was accomplished, how you are progressing.

Photographs of your injuries. Photograph all injuries listed in your claim to visually document your injuries as soon as possible.

Insurance statements (explanation of benefits) will be needed to calculate the amount insurance has paid.


Importance of Medical Documentation

First and foremost, medical evidence shows that your injuries are real. It documents the severity of your injuries and it can help prove that the accident in question caused the injuries.

Medical documentation can also show 1) that you (the plaintiff) had no prior health conditions relating to the injury before the accident, or 2) if you had a pre-existing condition, that these injuries are new or stem from the accident.

Medical documentation is needed to help determine an appropriate settlement amount.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published May 24, 2021. It was reviewed on July 11, 2023 and updated for content and accuracy.

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