Leading Causes of Car Accidents

Distracted Driving Car Accidents Poor driving practices Accidents avoid an accident

Poor driving practices and negligent driving behaviors endanger everyone on our roads. Your life, the lives of your passengers, and those of other drivers are at risk. Knowing more about the common causes of car accidents may help you avoid an accident, not be the cause of it.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Distracted Driving. Mention distracted driving and most think of texting, emailing, or talking on the cell phone. Truth is, distracted driving happens when you are eating, adjusting the controls on your dashboard or even talking with other passengers in the car – it is anytime you are doing something else that takes your attention off of driving. All it takes are just a few moments of distraction to cause an accident.

As you probably know, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Don’t assume that just because you are a master multitasker at home or in the office that you are behind the wheel, too. This is one place where you want to have a singular focus.

Distracted Driving Car Accidents Poor driving practices Accidents avoid an accident

Speeding is the second most common cause of accidents.

Speeding. This is another common cause of accidents. You get out on the road and sometimes it is hard to resist going a little faster than the speed limit. Maybe you are running late or rushing to an emergency or just ignoring the posted limits. Did you know, that the faster your vehicle is moving, the less control you have over it? Should you need to brake suddenly, you may not be able to react quick enough to stop from rear-ending the car in front of you.

Follow the speed limit laws and resist the urge to speed. Speeding can result in serious injuries such as whiplash or concussions.

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Drunk Driving. Another leading cause of accidents and one of the most deadly, too, is when you are driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs. Your reaction times are impacted, you are likely to fall asleep at the wheel or drive recklessly. Use a car service such as Uber or Lyft, designate a driver or give your keys to a friend. Do not get behind the wheel after you have been drinking.

Reckless Driving. Speeding, changing lanes too quickly, driving aggressively, unsafe lane changes, improper turns all are reckless driving behaviors that increase the risk of an accident occurring. Of course, these are accidents that are completely avoidable. Simply take your time while driving and pay attention to the rules of the road.

Night Driving. Driving in the dark presents a whole new set of challenges to drivers. Visibility is limited. It is more difficult to see obstacles or hazards on the road. Drivers suffer from night blindness, halos, and glares from the lights. All of this makes driving at night more dangerous.

Teen Driver risks negligent driving behaviors common causes of car accidentsTeenage Drivers. Even the best teen driver can have an accident. Teens are young and inexperienced and even if they know what to do in an unsafe condition, they may not be able to execute it. Quite frankly, they just do not have the experience. One of the best things to do for your teen drivers is to make sure they take a defensive driving course. You also want to ban the use of cell phones while driving and limit the number of passengers in the car with them.

Poor Weather Conditions. Who likes to be driving when there is dense fog, heavy rain, high winds or snow, and ice? Even experienced drivers dislike driving in poor weather; those who are inexperienced or unprepared are more likely to cause accidents. When visibility is limited or roads are slick, the best course of action is to pull over and wait for the storm out.

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