Illegal U-turn by Commercial Truck Turns Deadly

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Making a U-turn is one of the most dangerous maneuvers any driver on our roadways can make. When done by a large commercial truck, the results can be devastating and often deadly.

One Dead in Wrong Way Truck Accident

I 29 wrong way truck crashUnfortunately, this very type of accident occurred in Platte City on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

As reported by KMBC9 News, a passenger, from St. Joseph, was killed when the driver of a big rig tractor-trailer crossed the median as he attempted to make a U-turn on I-29. The driver survived; however, he suffered serious injuries.

The crash remains under investigation.

Nash & Franciskato Obtained Settlement for Client when Semi-Tractor Trailer Made Illegal U-Turn

We obtained a confidential settlement for a client in a similar accident – where the tractor-trailer made an illegal U-turn at night. The client, who was a front seat passenger, sustained severe injuries to her legs and arms when the vehicle violently crashed into a semi-tractor trailer that was making an illegal U-turn on I-29. The client underwent multiple surgeries that resulted in permanent injuries requiring her to retire early from her job as a school teacher.

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U-Turns Risky When Driving a Commercial Truck

U-turns are dangerous for any type of vehicle. Drivers, in general, need to know what traffic is around them since it requires a wide, clear area for the turn. When the vehicle is a tractor-trailer, something that is wider, longer and taller than standard vehicles, it takes even more care and attention to make such a turn.

Big rig truck drivers have additional driving challenges, including:

  • Lack of maneuverable space. Most areas do not lend themselves well to a truck making this type of turn, yet some truck drivers still make the attempt.
  • Lack of visibility. The truck driver’s visibility of the surrounding area is reduced, making him or her unable to see what is going on around the vehicle or seeing obstacles in front or behind.
  • Blocking traffic. The size of the truck and the need for it to make such a wide turn means that lanes of traffic get blocked as the driver maneuvers the turn, which can result in accidents between other vehicles.

It is even more risky when a trucker attempts this maneuver at night, in poorly lit areas or in bad weather conditions.

Attorneys Experienced in Wrong Way Trucking Accidents

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