Have You Been in An Accident? What Types of Damages Can You Recover?

Car Accident damages

Often the question arises as to how much money a claim is worth or how much an accident victim might be entitled to. Without knowing the details of your situation, that question can’t be answered; however, we can tell you that a fair settlement will depend on several factors such as the severity of your injuries, the medical treatments needed, and who was at fault or negligent to start.

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Types of Damages You May Recover After an Accident

To help you get a better idea of what might be involved in a settlement, these are the types of damages that could be recovered (again, depending on your situation).

Medical Expenses to treat injuries incurred in the accident. This can include expenses such as emergency room, hospital expenses, doctors’ visits, physical therapy and rehabilitation, the cost of any medical devices required for treatment and recovery (crutches, for instance) and the costs of medicine. Medical expenses often constitute a significant portion of the damages that might be recovered.

Future Medical Expenses include those expenses you may need on an ongoing basis as a result of the injuries you sustained in the accident.

car accident injuriesPain and Suffering is the legal term for the physical and emotional stress caused from an injury. This can be looked at as:

  • Physical pain and suffering resulting from the accident (what has been endured to date, but also may include any effects you might suffer in the future). Damages are based on the nature of the injury, the severity of the pain and how long the pain lasts.
  • Mental pain and suffering is any emotional or mental distress caused by the accident or injury. It includes things such as loss of enjoyment of life, fear, anger, humiliation, anxiety, nervousness, shock and other negative emotions.

Lost Wages can compensate you for what you would have earned had you not been injured in the accident, i.e., the potential earnings you were unable to receive due to the injury. For example, if you were unable to work for a week due to a car accident, you would have “lost income” for that one week period.

Loss of Earning Capacity refers to a decrease in your ability to earn income. Often it is also referred to as “future loss of earnings” or “impairment of earning power.” An example, for instance, is if you hurt your back and your job requires the lifting of objects. If this injury impairs your ability to work in the future, you may be compensated for your loss of earning capacity.

Loss of Consortium refers to the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship due to injuries. Damages are usually awarded to the spouse that is not inured and may include loss of companionship, affection, comfort, solace, help and sexual relations.

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