Florida State Court Exactech Recall Lawsuits Update

Exactech Recall lawsuits

Exactech recall lawsuits are moving forward in both Florida state courts and federal courts. The first cases were filed in the Florida state court in Gainesville, FL and the first trial for these state cases has been set for November 2023.

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First Exactech Recall Trial Set

A lawsuit filed by Phillip and Rachel Freeze was scheduled for trial on November 6, 2023.

Order issued by Florida Circuit Judge Donna M. Keim

There are 54+ Exactech lawsuits filed in Florida state court and formally consolidated under one judge in the Eighth Judicial Circuit for Alachua County, Florida, the Hon. Donna Keim.

Exactech recall lawsuits Florida state courts first trial November 2023This first trial could potentially be the first trial for thousands of hip, knee, and ankle replacement lawsuits. Thus, it will be monitored closely to gauge how juries are likely to respond to evidence and testimony that may be repeated.

Judge Keim is having monthly status updates on the cases pending in her court. She has appointed three lawyers to co-leadership positions in the Florida state litigation. Plus, a group of plaintiffs’ lawyers will be appointed to a leadership counsel with the authority to appear before the court on behalf of all  plaintiffs in the coordinated litigation.

Read: Attorney Brian Franciskato from our office is a member of the Plaintiff Steering Committee.

Premature Failure Can Lead to Revision Surgery

After discovering that defective packing was causing a polyethylene insert component to degrade, Exactech issued a massive recall in February 2022, impacting more than 140,000 knee replacement systems implanted since 2004 along with 1,500 similar components used in ankle replacements. Similar hip replacement recalls have been issued for more than 130,000 systems with a Connexion GLXL liner. This packaging defect caused many Exactech implants to prematurely fail causing many recipients to undergo corrective surgery.

Many patients with Exactech hip and knee implants are suffering from Osteolysis or damage to their bones caused from debris from poly wear. Osteolysis causes bone to deteriorate making revision surgery and rehabilitation more difficult.

Other symptoms of implant failure include:

  • Hip pain
  • Stiffness
  • Limited range of motion/mobility
  • Difficulty walking

Most surgeons are recommending that deteriorating implants be removed as soon as possible; however, the removal process involves an invasive surgery to remove the Exactech implant and replace it. Revision surgeries can be extremely painful and require a long rehabilitation process. It is possible some patients may have a residual disability from the surgery.


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