$540,000 Settlement: Burn Injuries from Natural Gas Explosion

Nash & Franciskato obtained a $540,000 settlement for two employees of a gas company who sustained burn injuries as a result of a natural gas explosion. Our investigation revealed that the underground service line’s curb box, which housed the shut-off valve for the natural gas, had been concreted over, thus prohibiting anyone from timely shutting off the gas. The explosion was so severe it destroyed a five-story apartment complex.

$489,500 Settlement: Defective Pain Pump Used in Shoulder Surgery

Nash & Franciskato obtained a $489,500 settlement for a 40-year old female hairstylist who underwent a shoulder repair surgery in which a pain pump was utilized post operatively. Research revealed that the pain pump caused a permanent condition known as chondrolysis, resulting in narrowing of the joint space and complete destruction of the cartilage in the shoulder joint. As a result of this damage, our client sustained permanent injuries that disabled her for the remainder of her life, precluding her to work and provide for her three children.

$270,000 Settlement: Wrongful Death, Failure to Maintain Smoke Detectors

Nash & Franciskato obtained a $270,000 settlement for the wrongful deaths resulting from a fire in an apartment building. Our investigation revealed that the landlord failed to maintain working smoke detectors in Governmental Assisted Section 8 Housing, in violation of Federal Regulations, resulting in the death of two children.

Confidential Settlement: Homeowner Party – Underage Guests, Alcohol & Unsecured Firearms

Our client was shot in the back with a shotgun while attending a party in which alcohol was served by the homeowner to underage guests. We alleged the homeowner was negligent in allowing underage individuals, including the shooter, to consume alcoholic beverages on her property and that she failed to secure the firearms on her property when she knew intoxicated unsupervised individuals would have access to the firearms.

$800,000 Total Settlement for Passenger Rendered a Paraplegic

Nash & Franciskato obtained $800,000 in total settlements for a 19-year old who was a passenger in a pickup truck being driven by a drunk driver. The driver lost control and crashed. Our client was rendered a paraplegic. We were able to combine (or stack) three underinsured motorists policies as well as obtaining the policy limits from the drunk driver.

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement, Intoxicated Driver

Nash & Franciskato obtained a $100,000 policy limits settlement for a windmill worker who suffered severe orthopedic injuries when he was thrown from a pickup truck. The pickup truck driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident and failed to negotiate a turn in the highway.

$400,000 Settlement: Rear-ended at Red Light While Driving Employer Vehicle

Our client was driving a truck owned by his employer when he was struck from behind while stopped at a red light. He sustained a herniated disk in his neck that required surgery. A claim was made against the driver and the client’s employer’s underinsured motorist coverage.

Confidential Settlement: Semi-tractor Trailer Making Illegal U-Turn

A client, who was a front seat passenger, sustained severe injuries to her legs and arms when the vehicle violently crashed into a semi-tractor trailer that was making an illegal U-turn on the interstate. The client underwent multiple surgeries that resulted in permanent injuries requiring her to retire early from her job as a school teacher.

$1,000,000 Settlement, Semi-truck Illegally Stopped in Interstate

Nash & Franciskato obtained a $1,000,000 settlement for a client who was traveling on the interstate when he suddenly came upon a semi-truck that was illegally stopped in the middle of the interstate. The client slammed on his brakes, but was unable to avoid crashing into the rear of the parked semi. The client sustained broken bones in his legs and feet requiring several surgeries.

Confidential Settlement for Slip & Fall Death at Nursing Home

Nash & Franciskato obtained a confidential settlement for an elderly client who fell at a nursing home, sustaining a brain injury that required surgery, ultimately resulting in her untimely death.

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