$540,000 Settlement: Burn Injuries from Natural Gas Explosion

Nash & Franciskato obtained a $540,000 settlement for two employees of a gas company who sustained burn injuries as a result of a natural gas explosion. Our investigation revealed that the underground service line’s curb box, which housed the shut-off valve for the natural gas, had been concreted over, thus prohibiting anyone from timely shutting off the gas. The explosion was so severe it destroyed a five-story apartment complex.

$489,500 Settlement: Defective Pain Pump Used in Shoulder Surgery

Nash & Franciskato obtained a $489,500 settlement for a 40-year old female hairstylist who underwent a shoulder repair surgery in which a pain pump was utilized post operatively. Research revealed that the pain pump caused a permanent condition known as chondrolysis, resulting in narrowing of the joint space and complete destruction of the cartilage in the shoulder joint. As a result of this damage, our client sustained permanent injuries that disabled her for the remainder of her life, precluding her to work and provide for her three children.

$220,000 Settlement for Defective Valve Mechanism in Irrigation System

A client, who was working on an irrigation system that was under pressure, sustained serious injuries to his eye and arm, when a valve mechanism and safety cap on the irrigation system exploded and struck him in the arm and face. Engineers, hired by the attorneys at Nash & Franciskato, concluded that the safety cap was defective because it lacked safety chains and had inadequate warnings. Shortly after the accident, the manufacturer redesigned the safety cap to include a warning label and restraining chains.

Confidential Settlement for Defective Pain Pump Utilized Post Surgery

Our client suffered from painful bunions on both feet. She experienced severe complications after a bi-lateral bunionectomy, requiring her to undergo three additional surgeries. Our medical review and investigation revealed the manufacturer of the pain pump, utilized in the post operative recovery, misrepresented information regarding the proper use and placement of the pain pump. The case settled for a confidential amount after filing a lawsuit.

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