Accident Reconstruction: What is it?

Accident reconstruction

At times, it may be necessary to bring in experts to assist in proving negligence in motor vehicle accidents. Accident reconstructions are one tool we can use to help determine liability.

What is an Accident Reconstruction?

An accident reconstruction can help determine the cause and fault in a motor vehicle collision. By definition, an accident reconstruction is the “scientific process of investigating, analyzing and drawing conclusions about the causes and events during traffic accidents and collisions.”

Basically, it is a way to solve the questions of how and why an accident occurred so that liability and/or financial responsibility can be determined. This is especially crucial when lives have been lost or severe injuries sustained.

In motor vehicle accidents, accident reconstruction can determine speeds of impact, positioning prior to impact and the location of impact. It can also help determine pre-impact locations, the force of the impact leading to injuries and the use of seat belts. It can be used in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycles, buses and trucks.

Overview of the Reconstruction Process

A reconstruction is simply an application of physics to a collision scenario to determine things like vehicle speeds and impact angles; however, it is as much an art as it is a science, especially when data is incomplete.

Accident reconstruction taking picturesIt typically starts with an inspection of the accident site. Measurements are taken of things such as point of impact, final resting positions, skid marks and more. Re-constructionists generally take these measurements using electronic surveying equipment, which can provide a computer-generated scale diagram that can be used to reconstruct the accident.

Inspections of the vehicles is typically another step in the process. When inspecting the vehicles, a re-constructionist may inspect and/or test mechanical components such as the brakes, steering, tires, suspension and other components to determine if the condition of any of these items contributed to the accident.

(The exact process will be dependent on the type of accident that occurred, i.e., front-end, rear-end, rollover, etc., and many other factors; this is just a broad overview.)

A re-constructionist takes the data about the collision and basically works the accident in reverse to help answer questions about causation and contributing factors, which can include:

  • Speeds
  • Visibility
  • Driver behavior
  • Roadway and environment

Accident reconstruction can be used effectively to determine the cause and fault in a motor vehicle accident. When needed to help prove your case, we will bring in accident reconstruction experts. The experts we use have extensive experience in the areas relating to motor vehicle accidents.

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