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Debilitating Problems with DePuy Synthes Attune© Knee Implant System

Total knee replacement

An estimated 4.4 million Americans are living with artificial knee implants reports Consumer Safety Watch. For about 90% who have a total knee replacement, it is a very successful surgery “relieving the pain, enabling patients to return to work and improving quality of life. However, for some, the procedure is not quite so successful.

Approximately 700,000 knee replacement procedures are done every year in the United States. It is projected to increase to 3.48 million by the year 2030. This is a growth of 673%.

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Knee Implant Failures

With the increase in knee implants done every year also comes an increase in the number of implants that fail.

  • From February 2003 to May 2013, the top six knee implant manufacturers issued 709 recalls due to flaws in the design or construction of their devices.
  • 277 of these recalled devices belonged to DePuy.

Several artificial knee implants have been recalled over the years; the most common reason being that the implant failed to adhere to the bone.

DePuy Synthes Attune© Knee Implant Found to Cause Debilitating Problems

Knee replacement xrayThe Attune Knee System, developed by DePuy Synthes, was designed to improve function through mobility and stability. When submitted to the FDA for premarket approval, it was submitted as “substantially equivalent to currently marketed devices.”

However, since its approval, the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System has received numerous complaints from patients who reported complications with the device necessitating revision or reconstructive surgeries. One of the most common issues was loosening of the tibial plate.

While complaints to the FDA are on the rise, no recall has been made of the Attune system.

Unfortunately, the loosening of the tibial plate causes extreme pain and may potentially result in other complications with the ultimate outcome being the need for revision surgery.

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When a knee replacement prematurely fails, you can face many serious issues ranging from infections to muscle or nerve damage, bone loss and more. Revision surgeries are expensive and can result in many ongoing expenses.

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